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Asteroid 2001 FO32 Will Safely Pass by Earth March 21. The interplanetary interloper won't come closer than 1.25 million miles to Earth, but it will present a valuable scientific opportunity for astronomers. . Mar 11, 2021 Even if it is at the smaller end of the scale, 2001 FO32 will still be the largest asteroid to pass this close to our planet in 2021. The last notably large asteroid close approach was that of 1998.. Asteroid 2021 OC1 is in fact known as a Near Earth Object (or NEO), i.e. an asteroid whose orbit is close to intersect Earth's orbit. These asteroids are monitored very closely and, thanks to high precision position observations and celestial mechanic computations, their orbit is usually known with a high level of precision

The dashboard displays the next five Earth approaches to within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million kilometers or 19.5 times the distance to the moon); an object larger than about 150 meters that can approach the Earth to within this distance is termed a potentially hazardous object. The average distance between Earth and the moon is about 239,000. So the planetary protection of the Earth has become almost a reality - for the first time in history, a spacecraft launched from the surface of our planet as part of the DART mission, in the fall of 2021 will crash into an asteroid and knock the potential threat from orbit. How do we shoot down an asteroid

Asteroid Hitting Earth In 2021. End with asteroid hitting earth in april nasa reveals new plan to stop asteroids asteroid larger than some of the world asteroid that s 3 times as long a. Threat to earth posed by meteors must be taken seriously nasa warns large asteroid will fly by the earth next month but won t hit us fact alert world will not. 2021 KT1, a potentially hazardous asteroid is passing near the Earth on Tuesday (June 1), NASA has warned. The asteroid will make a close approach to the Earth at around 10:24am EDT (7:54pm. NASA estimates 2021 KT1 is between 492 feet and 1,082 feet in diameter. At the upper estimate, this means the space rock will be about as wide as the length of three NFL football fields put.. A huge asteroid potentially taller than the Golden Gate Bridge is due to fly past the Earth on Thursday—the day after Asteroid Day.The space rock, which is t.. Asteroid 2021 GM4 is a Goliath of near Earth asteroids, measuring in at a whopping 150 metres in length, making it much longer than a large football pitch (120m)

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The asteroid, known as 2021 KT1, is expected to make a close approach to Earth on June 1 at 10.24am EDT - which is 12.24am AEST on June 2. According to Newsweek, the space rock's diameter is between 150m and 320m in size, which makes it potentially larger than the Eiffel Tower Apophis' flyby in early March 2021 enabled astronomers to conclude there's no chance this asteroid will strike Earth anytime soon. A 2068 impact is not in the realm of possibility anymore, one. Asteroid Ephemeris for 2021 The following ephemerides are for selected asteroids: Eros, Psyche, Sappho, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Chiron. Ceres is a dwarf planet and rules food, agriculture, transitions in a female's life, nurturing, motherhood, and family relationships

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The current biggest known threat is an asteroid called (410777) 2009 FD, which has less than a 0.2% chance of hitting Earth in 2185, according to NASA. First published on June 1, 2021 / 8:12 AM. 2021 KT1 is classed as an Apollo asteroid. It's one of a group of near-Earth asteroids named after the first one to be discovered, 1862 Apollo, in 1932. Apollo asteroids cross Earth's orbit so.. The DART Mission spacecraft's launch window is set for July 2021; it is set to arrive at the asteroid in September 2022. By AARON REICH . APRIL 4, 2021 14:45 NASA has already listed more than 100 asteroids for the year 2021. While most of them only reach a diameter of a few meters, some could cause enormous damage in a collision. One of them: asteroid 163899 (2003 SD220). Fortunately, they all fly past the earth The orbit of asteroid 2011 ES4 (in white) is slightly similar to Earth's (in blue) but inclined in relation to our planet's orbit. The space rock completes an orbit around the sun every 416 days...

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By 9News Staff. 9:27am Jun 1, 2021. An asteroid potentially the size of the Eiffel Tower is set to blast past Earth tonight with stargazers keen to catch a glimpse of it lighting up the night sky. A huge asteroid potentially taller than the IBM tower in Atlanta is expected to pass near Earth's orbit this Thursday, according to tracking data from NASA. The size of the asteroid, called 2021. The second asteroid, called 2021 FH1, is about 97 feet (30 m) wide and will pass Earth at a distance of 973,000 miles (1.5 million km). It was first detected by astronomers on Friday (March 19)

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A massive asteroid is expected to whiz by Earth in a relatively close encounter - 4.5 million miles - on Tuesday, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The asteroid, known as 2021 KT1. Meteor Shower Calendar 2021-2022. A meteor shower is a celestial event in which a number of meteors are observed to radiate, or originate, from one point in the night sky called Radiant.These meteors are caused by streams of cosmic debris called meteoroids entering Earth's atmosphere at extremely high speeds on parallel trajectories An asteroid potentially taller than the Eiffel Tower is due to fly past Earth next month. The huge space rock, known as 2021 KT1, will make a close approach to our planet on June 1 at around 10:24. The asteroid '2009 JF1' has been considered by NASA as potentially dangerous. The North American space agency, which has a list of space rocks at risk of colliding with Earth, has announced a date for the impact of this asteroid: 8.34am on May 6, 2022. Through Sentry , a collision monitoring system, NASA has exhaustively observed the.

A potentially hazardous asteroid as tall as France's Eiffel Tower is due to fly past Earth on June 1, NASA has warned. Named 2021 KT1, the huge space rock will make a close approach. Scientists estimate the asteroid is between 1,300 and 2,230 feet wide. The near-Earth asteroid, known as 2001 FO32, will be 1.25 million miles, or more than five times the distance between Earth. The imposing asteroid, dubbed by NASA Asteroid 2021 AR2, will make a so-called Earth Close Approach. Asteroid orbit calculations predict the space rock will reach its closest distance to Earth in just a few hours. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) expects Asteroid AR2 will swing by around 2.28pm on , February 13 August 1, 2021, 11:54 AM • 4 min read. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Email this article. Just a few million years before an asteroid killed nearly all dinosaurs on Earth, a creature. 2021 NQ3 orbits the sun every 699 days (1.91 years), coming as close as 1.04 AU and reaching as far as 2.04 AU from the sun. Based on its brightness and the way it reflects light, 2021 NQ3 is probably between 0.038 to 0.086 kilometers in diameter, making it a small to average asteroid, very roughly comparable in size to a school bus or smaller


In Depth. Asteroid 99942 Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid more than 1000 feet (over 300 meters) in size that will harmlessly pass close to Earth on April 13, 2029. When it was discovered in 2004, the asteroid caused a stir because initial calculations indicated a small possibility it would impact Earth in 2029 According to the Paris Observatory, the asteroid will be at its closest to Earth at around 4.00pm GMT (9.30pm IST) on March 21, 2021. 9. There is no threat of a collision with Earth currently or. The asteroid is 2021 KT1 and will make its close approach to Earth on June 1 at about 10:24 AM EDT. We should all keep in mind that what is dubbed close when talking in cosmic terms is extremely. (As of June 8, 2021, 9,677 of an estimated population of some 25,000 of these 460-foot-plus NEOs have been found). Completing the survey is vital. In 2019, the football field-sized asteroid 2019. This asteroid will be followed up by two more chunks of cosmic debris in the form of the 15-meter 2020 YA1 and the 21-meter 2020 YP4. 2020 YA1 and 2020 YP4 will pass by at 1.5 and 2.1 million.

A newly-discovered asteroid designated 2021 JU6 flew past Earth at a distance of 0.17 LD / 0.00044 AU (65 820 km / 40 900 miles) from the center of our planet at 15:01 UTC on May 14, 2021. This is the 57 th known asteroid to fly by Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the year and the 6 th so far this month August 1, 2021. Interesting. Early this morning I almost finished a very long post on the upcoming Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness (asteroid Juno Stationary 2 August 2021 4:42 pm PDT, in 9 Sagittarius). Frankly, I thought it was one of my best posts ever, and I was thinking about how, when I think a post is great, it gets little Response Apophis, an asteroid that spans over 1,312 feet, will be closest to the Earth -- over 10 million miles from our planet or 44 times further than the moon -- on March 5 at 8:15 p.m. ET

While the asteroid orbits the sun once about every 2.25 years, 2001 FO32 won't come this close to our planet again until 2052, when it will pass by at 1.75 million miles (2.8 million km. A newly-discovered asteroid designated 2021 GW4 will fly by at a distance of just 0.07 LD / 0.00018 AU (26 927 km / 16 730 miles) from the center of our planet at 13:01 UTC on April 12, 2021. This is the 40th known asteroid to fly by Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the year and 7th so far this month Is that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, for its acronym in English) has defined as potentially dangerous to asteroid 2009 JF1, as it could impact the Earth on March 6, 2022 at 08:34 hours, as reported by the space agency, although it also estimates that the probability of impact is 1 in 3,800 (0.026%)

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  1. Asteroid 2021 KT1 will fly safely past Earth on June 1 at a distance of roughly 4.5 million miles The 'potentially hazardous' space rock has a diameter between 492 and 1,082 feet, or roughly as.
  2. LUXEMBOURG, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Asteroid Foundation will launch Asteroid Day TV on 1 June 2021 with digital video content from Discovery Science, TED, IMAX, BBC, CNN, Th
  3. Updated: 1 January, 2021 Huge asteroid as wide as the length of Golden Gate Bridge and three smaller asteroids to fly by Earth in early January NASA confirms that a giant asteroid named 2003 AF23, measuring approximately 180-390 meters in diameter, will barrel past earth at 6.9 million kilometres on January 3
  4. istration (NASA) has observed an asteroid that is going to pass by the Earth
  5. The exercise simulated a possible impact four years from now — a fictitious asteroid imagined to have been discovered this fall with a 2 percent probability of impact with Earth on September 20, 2020. The simulated asteroid was initially estimated to be between 300 and 800 feet (100 and 250 meters) in size, with a possibility of making impact.
  6. ASTRODIENST EPHEMERIS for the year 2021 JANUARY 2021 00:00 UT M 1 84541 12k20'16 23f17 26°R19 29j16 12b33 10k4 5k17 6b51 19l16 25j13 18°R25 17c13 11b26 5a55 M 1 T 2 84937 13°21'09 7g25 25k59 0k31 13° 5 10°18 5°24 6°52 19°18 25°15 18c18 17°10 11°33 5°57 T
  7. The Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), also known as the Asteroid Retrieval and Utilization (ARU) mission and the Asteroid Initiative, was a space mission proposed by NASA in 2013. The Asteroid Retrieval Robotic Mission (ARRM) spacecraft would rendezvous with a large near-Earth asteroid and use robotic arms with anchoring grippers to retrieve a 4-meter boulder from the asteroid

Files for asteroid, version 0.5.1; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size asteroid-.5.1-py3-none-any.whl (241.3 kB) File type Wheel Python version py3 Upload date May 7, 2021 Hashes Vie 1. More than 100 tons of asteroid material, sand-sized grains and tiny meteors hit the Earth's atmosphere every day. 2. Asteroids are the leftover building blocks of the solar system from 4.6. Evan Pugh Asteroid Hunt Week 4 Check-In 1 st Asteroid: 1. Run=756 2. Camcol=3 3. Field=500 4. Approximate Position-Upper to middle right hand corner 2 nd Asteroid: 1. Run=756 2. Camcol=2 3. Field=510 4. Approximate Position-Look at the middle of the screen then an inch to the right 3 rd Asteroid: 1. Run=752 2. Camcol=2 3. Field=576 4.

Asteroid Current Affairs MCQ - History MCQ - Polity MCQ Video Series Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about Asteroid 1) They are called major planets 2) According to NASA, 9,94,383 is the count of known asteroids a) Only 1 b) Only 2 c) 1 and 2 d) None of the above Correct Answe The asteroid - 231937 (2001 FO32) - was discovered by astronomers in 2001. It will be about 1.2 million miles from the Earth at its closest approach in March. This is about five times further out.

Asteroid ON abbreviation meaning defined here. What does ON stand for in Asteroid? Get the top ON abbreviation related to Asteroid Asteroid MBAS abbreviation meaning defined here. What does MBAS stand for in Asteroid? Get the top MBAS abbreviation related to Asteroid Aesthetic Asteroid, Keimoes, South Africa. 58 likes · 28 talking about this. A sneaky little asteroid has crashed on earth! Stop by for a chance to claim something your aesthetic heart desires

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A meteor and asteroid: 1 in 100 million odds--says director of the Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics: 02/23/13: 8: Meteor lurked for thousands of years before blasting Russia, experts say..traced to Apollo asteroid family: 03/02/13: 9: Breaking ASTEROID + 1 other. ASTEROID & 1 other · Jan 15, 2021 . 00:00 / 03:32. Currently processing. Please wait a second or try again. Processing in progress. If it's taking too long, you can trigger processing again. Click to tip this user. ASTEROID. Jan 15, 2021 · septembrie 2021. Sfantul Proroc Zaharia - Ap. I Corinteni IX, 2-12Ev. Matei XVIII, 23-35glas 2, voscr. 11. Pilda datornicului nemilostiv - Predica la Duminica a XI-a dupa Rusalii - Ap. I Corinteni IX, 2-12Ev. Matei XVIII, 23-35glas 2, voscr. 11. Sfantul Mucenic Autonom - Ap. Galateni VI, 11-18Ev Hi guys I am trying to rotate an asteroid in a 2d space game that I am making. I have an empty gameobject set as the spawn point I then get the screen bounds and take a random number between screen bounds minY and screen bounds maxY and then I instantiate the asteroid prefab

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  1. The following chart shows the distance of Asteroid (NEO) 2021 OC1 from Earth as a function of time. In the chart the distance data is measured in Astronomical Units and sampled with an interval of 1 day
  2. Jocelyne LeBlanc August 4, 2021. Scientists from the Japanese space agency JAXA spotted two large red rocks in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter that should not be there. The rocks have been described as having organic matter on their surfaces that could have come from an area past Neptune
  3. According to researchers from Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, the asteroid probably came from a safe location in the outer area of the main asteroid belt that orbits between Mars and Jupiter. While the theory was that there weren't as many impacting asteroids in that location, it's not as safe as previously believed as the researchers now claim that large.
  4. Bisnis.com, JAKARTA - Sebuah asteroid akan kembali melewati Bumi pada Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2021. Jika sebelumnya ukurannya sebesar stadion, kini ukuran asteroid ini sekitar pentagon di USA. Dilansir dari earthsky, Senin (2/7/2021) batuan luar angkasa itu diberi nama asteroid 2016 AJ193. Diperkirakan lebarnya hanya di bawah satu mil (lebar 1,4 km)
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The asteroid is classified by NASA as a potentially hazardous object because it's larger than 492 feet and is expected to pass within 4.6 million miles of Earth. Scientists say 2021 KT1 will. On April 7, 2021, OSIRIS-REx will give Bennu one last glance before saying farewell. Before departing for Earth on May 10, 2021, the spacecraft will perform a final flyby of Bennu - capturing its last images of sample collection site Nightingale to look for transformations on Bennu's surface after the Oct. 20, 2020, sample collection event As a prelude to the monster flyby later in the week, on Monday, the 32-meter asteroid 2021 AB and the 11-meter 2012 BT1 will shoot past the Earth at a distance of 842,000km and 5.2 million kilometers respectively. Then on Wednesday, the week's main event will be teed up by the 62-meter (or half the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The asteroid zipping around the earth on June 1, named 2021 KT1, would be 4.5 million miles away from the earth. While that may seem far, NASA considers any asteroid within 4.6 million miles of earth and larger than 150 metres to be potentially hazardous. NASA hasn't said that it would hit the earth directly

An asteroid as big as the Eiffel Tower is en route the Earth and is predicted to strike sometime early in 2021, according to a prediction made by French astrologer Nostradamus. The monstrous asteroid called 2021 CO247, which is 0.83 times the height of the Eiffel Tower will fly past the Earth at 7.4 million kilometers. Earlier, a gigantic 220-meter asteroid or about as wide as the Golden Gate. The fictitious asteroid in the simulation was called 2021PDC. In NASA's scenario, it was first spotted on April 19, and after a week scientists were able to calculate that it had a 5% chance of. On March 21, 2021, Earth will have its closest encounter with 2001 FO32 — the largest and fastest-known asteroid scheduled to fly past our planet this year. The space rock, estimated to be between 2,526 feet ( 0.47 miles) and 5,577 feet (1.05 miles) in diameter, will zip past Earth at a staggering speed of 76,980 miles per hour (123,887 km/h). To put it in perspective, that is about 100. The asteroid will flyby Earth on March 21, 2021, roughly 1.3 million miles away. It seems that 2001 FO32 meets both of the criteria to make it 'potentially hazardous' but apparently this is only. NASA has scheduled its DART mission, for a July 2021 launch. The mission will test NASA's strategy of slamming a half-ton spacecraft built by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) into the approaching killer asteroid. Hence, the space agency has planned to take its asteroid shattering spacecraft, seven million miles from Earth

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The mammoth space rock is known as 2021 KT1 that will make a 'close approach' to Earth on June 1 at about 10:24 am EDT from the distance of around 4.5 million miles at a speed of roughly. Goldstone Asteroid Schedule. Upcoming Goldstone Observations Last update: 23-24 143649 2003 QQ47 No Yes 17.4 R1 PHA 0.099 au 2021 Oct 21 Orionids Meteoroids 2021 Nov 1- 2 2017 TS3 Yes Yes 22.1 0.036 au OCC = 5 2021 Nov 9 2004 UE Yes Yes 21.0 PHA 0.030 au OCC = 5 2021 Nov 2010 VK139 Yes Yes 23.7 0.016 au OCC = 5 2021 Nov 11-14 3361 Orpheus. On January 3, 2020 YA1 and 2020 YP4 will also pass by Earth at a distance of 1.5 million kilometres and 2.1 million kilometres respectively. The NEOs are estimated to be of a size of 12-27 metre and 17-37 metre respectively. Read: Asteroid 16 Psyche Worth More Than Earth's Economy Will Be The Closest To The Planet Toda Published March 23, 2021 Updated March 29, 2021. a collision with an asteroid broke it off and sent it careering through space. should be several percent carbon instead of one-tenth of 1. The asteroid passing over Earth this weekend is 13.25 LDs away, or about 13 times farther than the moon is to us. July 28, 2021 1:05 AM News alerts in your inbox

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  1. NASA is taking a trip out to an asteroid that could be worth $10 quintillion. Aug 1, 2021, 10:57am EDT. The Top 10 Weather And Climate Misconceptions - 2021 Edition. Aug 1,.
  2. Scientists still keep looking for answers. Recently it's been revealed that the giant asteroid could be visible in space 1 year before it hit our planet. Could the collision be prevented? What exactly could be seen in the night sky? . #brightside #dinosaurs #asteroids. Animation is created by Bright Side
  3. The asteroid is estimated to be between 300 and 800 feet in size. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory gives it a 2 percent chance of impacting the Earth on September 20, 2020. NASA tracks the asteroid over the following three months using ground-based telescope observations, and the probability of impact climbs to 65 percent
  4. A decent-sized asteroid, the 1,100-foot-wide Apophis , will pass so close to Earth it'll be visible in the sky from certain places. Crucially, the giant rock will not strike our humble planet. But it will pass closer than 20,000 miles from the surface, which is closer than where some of the United States' most prize

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Published April 29, 2021 Updated May 5, 2021 On the morning of June 2, 2018, an asteroid was seen careening toward us at 38,000 miles per hour. It was going to impact Earth, and there was nothing. Perseid meteor shower 2021, online observation - 11 Aug. 2021 07/21/2021 Supernova SN 2021sjt in NGC 6951 galaxy: an image - 20 July 2021. 07/21/2021 Asteroid (248370) 2005 QN173 turns on a tail - 10 July 2021 07/11/2021 Aug. 22, 2017 — Asteroid Florence, a large near-Earth asteroid, will pass safely by Earth on Sept. 1, 2017, at a distance of about 4.4 million miles, (7.0 million kilometers, or about 18 Earth. In a rambling 11-minute video posted on Saturday, Begley claimed the asteroid, named 2011 ES4 by Nasa, should be worrying people. Nasa has confirmed ES4 will perform a close flyby on September 1, but says the space rock will safely pass at a distance of roughly 76,000 miles

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9 June 2021, by Mikayla MacE Kelley An artist's concept of asteroid 16 Psyche. Credit: about 1% of all asteroid belt material. First spotted by an Italian astronomer in 1852, it was the 16th. Asteroid could strike Earth day prior to election: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Space rock the size of a refrigerator, traveling at 25K mph, won't cause serious damage, scientist say

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2021 Ephemeris . Full-size ephemerides for 2021. For each month of 2021, the ephemeris shows the daily tropical longitude of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and North Node of the Moon; sign ingresses (planets or bodies changing sign); planetary stations; lunar ingresses; Void Moon; lunar phases; and eclipses February, 2021 This metallic asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion is the target of a NASA mission to learn more about our own planet. Track it's location live and see where the spacecraft has to go Difference Between Asteroid and Comet: Asteroid : Comet : Asteroids have an elliptical orbit: Comets have an eccentric orbit. It is made of metals and rocks: Made of rocks, hydrocarbons, and ice: Do not produce a coma or tail atmosphere: Thin, temporary atmospheric tail when close to the Sun. The orbital period is 1 to 100 year

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Asteroid #1: Revelation 8:8 The 2nd Angel sounded his Trumpet, and something like a Huge Mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the Sea. A .33 of the Sea turned into Blood, 9 a .33 of the Living Creatures in the Sea died, and a .33 of the Ships were destroyed August 1, 2021 There was a problem signing you up. The marks' shape, size, orientation and location suggest that they formed after the Chicxulub asteroid crashed into what is today's Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, generating a tsunami that washed across the sediments of the Gulf of Mexico and over what is now Louisiana, which was underwater. The researchers, who published their findings in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science on April 23, 2021, believe that 2018 LA broke away from Vesta nearly 23 million years ago when the asteroid was hit by another space object. The small chunk drifted across the solar system before being drawn in by the Earth's gravitational pull and. Huge damage will be caused to our planet in 2021, claims Nostradamus, by huge solar storms. And it seems even NASA is monitoring the skies for impact, especially as the asteroid, 2009 KF1. NASA's first mission to return a sample from an ancient asteroid arrived at its target, the asteroid Bennu, on Dec. 3, 2018. This mission, the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer, or OSIRIS-REx, is a seven-year long voyage set to conclude upon the delivery to Earth of at least 2.1 ounces (60 grams) and possibly up to almost four and a half.

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smithsonianmag.com April 1, 2021. Before an asteroid lit the world on fire 66 million years ago, massive dinosaurs barged through tropical South American forests with airy, open canopies that were. Asteroid Florence, a large near-Earth asteroid, will pass safely by Earth on Sept. 1, 2017, at a distance of about 4.4 million miles, (7.0 million kilometers, or about 18 Earth-Moon distances) getaway.co.za - An asteroid which has been describe as a PHA (Potentially Hazardous Asteroid) will pass by Earth on July 24, where it will come within just 0.034 Asteroid 1.5 times the size of the London Eye to pass Earth on July 24 - Flipboar The Asteroid Belt contains billions and billions of asteroids. Some asteroids in the Belt are quite large, but most range in size down to pebbles. The asteroid 1/Ceres is also designated as a dwarf planet, the largest one in the inner solar system. We know of at least 7,000 asteroids

An asteroid of nearly the size he described did impact Earth and did wipe out the planet's dominant species. Only rather than wiping out humans it cleared the evolutionary path for a shrew-sized. NASA Confirms 36-Meter Long Asteroid Heading Close To Earth And Moon. NASA CONFIRMS ASTEROID - A 36-meter long asteroid will be approaching the earth and moon at a whopping 12.6 kilometers per second.. According to an article from the Sun, the asteroid known as 2020 PT4 will pass by our planet and moon in what NASA described as a near-earth approach ASTEROID is an application and live wallpaper. In 3D space, you can observe arriving Asteroids from the deep corners of the Galaxy. In the app, you can customize the background color, the color of the asteroid, choose the type of asteroid and many options Dinosaurs were doomed even before the asteroid. • Many believe that, absent the giant asteroid strike, dinosaurs would still dominate the earth. • But, in the natural history of this planet, there have